PCAS: A Parallel Computational Algebra System

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PCAS is a suite of microservices that enable data-fluent, massively parallel computational algebra calculations.

Built in Go, PCAS provides high-performance tooling for cluster-scale computational algebra. This includes microservices for logging, metrics collection, database integration, and HPC cluster management, as well as an interface to these from the Computational Algebra System Magma. There is also a (nascent) collection of Go modules that implement a range of mathematical structures and algorithms for exact computation.

Continuous integration

Binary downloads are now delivered by a continuous integration system powered by Jenkins, Hugo, and Docsy.

Fano manifolds

PCAS powers the computational infrastructure that underpins the Fanosearch project, which aims to find and classify atomic pieces of geometric shapes.

New users welcome!

Contact us on Slack and we will help you get set up. Or check us out on Bitbucket.